Backing up your data is one of the most essential tasks to achieve security.This is a significant procedure as it helps to secure your website in case of data loss.

Backing up your WordPress site allows you to restore your data or complete Website in case of any issue.

The Issues can be

  • Web site gets corrupted
  • Site data gets lost
  • Virus starts to malfunction your site
  • Hacker might alter the data
  • Sudden Server crash results in data loss

Good Backup Practice

  • Always backup your site before installing any new upgrade
  • Perform a Scheduled backup
  • Maintain multiple copies of your data
  • Apart from automatic backup facility always perform manual backup periodically

Reasons For Backup

  • Enable additional security
  • The time and money you invested remains secure
  • Makes you feel secure
  • Unwanted changes can be restored

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